5 reasons strategic and creative experts from outside your business will transform your brand and creative output.

There's another kind of 'Outside thinking' that many brands are missing that will undoubtedly improve the strategic and creative output.

Bringing in experts from outside your business or organisation is the perfect solution when you feel you need more firepower.

Frequency. Cost. Experience

There are many different reasons why brands and organisations struggle to deliver the type of creative work they know would transform their brand and business. They boil down into three key areas.


How often does your business need real strategic thinking and creative oomph? Perhaps a small start-up needs it sporadically as it moves to market, or perhaps you're a brand that has an internal design team who are good at the 'doing' but perhaps not the 'conceptual' creatives you wish you had when those big ideas are needed. There's a desire for the big ideas but the opportunities only come round a few times a year. So you're unlikely to have the big thinking you need 'on-tap'.


Budgets for marketing and advertising have never been tighter. If you're not needing creative work all the time, then it makes little sense keeping creatives on a payroll. But there's also a danger that stopping spending altogether is masking a problem down the line. Your competitors could still be spending and consumers still buying. So finding a more cost-efficient and equally effective solution should be a priority. Outside thinking could certainly help when money is tight.


There will come a point where the experts in your business can't quite do what your brand needs. It's not their fault. We all have limitations and strengths and weaknesses. But there's a gap in who you need. And most likely there's not budget to hire someone to deal with it on a permanent basis. Or perhaps there's a transformational shift needed to be made in your business and you need someone who's 'been there, done that, and got the scars to prove it'. Some outside thinking could be exactly what you're after.

Outside thinking from experts outside

Here at OUTCREATE, we talk about being 'Outside Experts'. It works nicely with our outdoorsy positioning too. Rather than consultants, think of us as your strategists who are dedicated to digging out those game-changing insights you never knew existed in your business, product, audience or sector. Or the award-winning creatives who will take those insights and turn them into the sort of beautifully crafted executions you only thought you'd get from big shiny London creative agencies.

Bringing some outside thinking in for a few days, a week, monthly...whatever, will make a huge difference to your brand and business in many ways. But here are my top 5.


An outsider's perspective is always going to be different than those on the inside. And it's because we're seeing things fresh, we can challenge the norm. Because sometimes 'good ol' norm' can be a bit of a hinderance when you're trying to budge opinion. In our experience being the outside help, allows us to ask the kind of questions that seldom get asked internally, like "WHY?" We also work with many different clients, with either similar or wildly different businesses, and we learn from each project. This cross fertilisation of thinking could be invaluable to your brand.


Now let's not mistake 'Value' for 'Cheap'. We ain't Fivver folks and you should expect to pay a premium for the best thinking. But the way to look at value is the quality of what we deliver in terms of depth of thinking, relatively small size of the team, the pace we work at and the huge step-up in the quality and ambition of whatever needs to be delivered. And compared to a big network agency, with their big offices, big wage bills, big expenses, big teams, big lead-times...yeah, we represent excellent value for money. We should know, we used to big people in these big agencies charged out to you for big bucks.


Bringing someone in to your business who has done something before can be the smartest move you can make. Chances are, that person's made the mistakes you are likely to make, and if they're any good (which we are BTW) they will see it coming and side step the pitfalls and guide you to where your brand needs to be to grow. Sometimes they'll even short cut the route saving you time and yep, you guessed it, money too. Experience is everything, especially if you have very little.


"This is how we've always done it..." is arguably the scariest statement we hear from businesses we work with. Outsiders bring a multitude of working processes, methodologies, corner-cutting abilities and a relentless energy with them. Nimbly blazing through the work is all well and good, but you'll also find outsiders cope better when plans change and things need to be adjusted. We're smaller, we're experienced, we might even have seen it coming, and that means we can turn on a dime...or a five pence piece.


Building a relationship and fitting in with your business is vital to success. It builds trust and that leads to decisions being made more quickly, braver ideas being bought, and a confidence to be left alone to do the job you've been brought in to do. Outsiders don't really see the politics and pecking orders. What matters most is getting the best work done and to do that, outsiders are ego-free, approachable, prepared to listen first, able to communicate to everyone on every level.


If you're planning your activity for this quarter, next quarter or the year ahead (keep the latter in pencil at the moment), and you find yourself wondering "How you're going to do it..." or "Who do we have that can do this...." or "We really need to look at what we're doing because things have changed...", then you need to get some "Outside help".

Outside help is an invaluable resource that is flexible, cost effective and allows you to bring in big-thinking and fresh ideas as and when you feel you need it.


If you want to know more about OUTCREATE and are keen know how we can help your brand or organisation, please get in touch. hello@outcreate.io


Rob Steeles is the Founder and Creative Director of OUTCREATE. He has over 20 years' experience as an award-winning creative and strategic thinker within some of the world's most creative agencies.